Spiritual Human Rights conference 2019 on 11 December 2019

The Base and Debasement of Human Rights - Rights, Obligations and Society

Invitation for scientific researchers, activists and practitioners within the trans-disciplinary field of human rights and spirituality!

11 December 2019, between 10.00 - 13.00 - webinar or our venue in Copenhagen.

For the twelves consecutive year Soteria International welcomes participants to a visionary conference on the emerging field of Spiritual Human Rights.

This year’s event presents key note presentations and Q&A sessions addressing the Base and Debasement of Human Rights  - Rights, Obligations and Society.

The right to a good healthcare or education and freedom of though, conscience and belief are all important rights in our society, but not in the same way. The first should be secured politically, the other fundamentally as unalienable human right.

Are our human rights currently debased by a strong influx of social and economic rights into the discussions on human rights? If health, education and gender issues are to be secured by court and not by politics, do we not risk a more totalitarian perspective on governance and simultaneously a debasement of the fundamental natural rights?

When making social and financial issues human rights, do we risk that the lives of many are disproportionately restricted by the few. We are given universal human rights, but what about universal human obligations?

The event marks the continuous effort to develop a common platform for unfolding Spiritual Human Rights into modern society.

Everyone has the right to pray. But should it be your right to let it sound in public (e.g through a minaret or church bells), if there is no democratic and political backing for it? We have the right to any sex-identity, but must public bath-houses allow any man who identifies as a woman to enter the women's showers?

At the 2019 Spiritual Human Rights conference, Soteria International invites to a webinar on spiritual perspectives on the base and debasement of human rights. The organizers invite keynote speakers to present fertile perspectives, and welcome your participation in a fruitful discussion on the subject.

The webinar offers everyone possibility to join online, or together at our venue in Copenhagen. Further details will follow after registration.

To register please write us to: info@soteriainternational.org