Short presentation: MISA - the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute and Gregorian Bivolaru

The Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (M.I.S.A.) has been founded as a non-profit association, by judicial decision on January 23, 1990, by the Court of Bucharests First District. It has a socio-professional, philosophical and educative character, aiming to increase the spiritual level of people by spreading the traditional yoga knowledge and practices.

The spiritual mentor of Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute is the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Endowed with a truthfully encyclopedic knowledge, having a rich practical experience and genuine pedagogical talent, Gregorian Bivolaru contrived to found what we today name M.I.S.A. Yoga School, the largest yoga school in Europe.

For understanding the context of M.I.S.A. setting up and the development of M.I.S.A. Yoga School one has to point out that Romania is the only country in the world where the practice of yoga has been ever forbidden. Something like this has never happened anywhere else on earth. In Romania, yoga was forbidden in 1982, in connection with the "Transcendental Meditation scandal, whose victim Gregorian Bivolaru was also. Yoga was illegal in Romania until December 1989, the time of Romanian revolution.

Even before the Romanian revolution from 1989, Gregorian Bivolaru was permanently kept under observation by the Romanian Security Services (the feared “Securitate”) because he was practicing and teaching yoga. He has been tortured and jailed two times and then forcedly hospitalized in a psychiatric hospice during the communist regime (solution adopted during communist regime for getting rid of undesirable ones, because the communist ideology was not allowing political detainees). Why was Gregorian Bivolaru guilty of? Because he exchanged letters with the internationally famous philosopher, writer and yogi Mircea Eliade and kept on practicing and teaching yoga during 1982-1989.

After revolution Gregorian Bivolaru, together with a group of yogi friends, founded M.I.S.A. The first yoga conferences and courses conducted in January 1990 had a tremendous success. Thousands of people then registered to the yoga classes organized by MISA in Bucuresti, Cluj, Iasi and Brasov in the first months of 1990. In the following years classes have been opened in more and more cities throughout Romania and abroad. Thus, what we are now calling the M.I.S.A. phenomenon grew more and more, despite some permanent attacks, harassments and abuses from authorities (having the officious support of Romanian mass-media).

Not at all surprisingly, considering the fact that the power in the country had been taken by ex-communists, Gregorian Bivolaru remained on the undesirable persons list after 1989 also. Periodically, the press launched extremely virulent attacks, really press campaigns to compromise M.I.S.A. and Gregorian Bivolaru. We recognize in these also the Securitate's aberrant accuses and mentality.

Because the real target of these press campaigns was Gregorian Bivolaru, he decided to withdraw himself as leader of M.I.S.A. in 1995, and later on he even ceased to personally conduct yoga classes.

Still, he permanently and continuously remained the mentor of M.I.S.A. yoga school, giving lectures, theoretical lessons, spiritual initiations, yoga camps (in Romania and abroad).

Gregorian Bivolaru is also the author of more than 30 books, 40 brochures, and many articles about yoga, naturist treatments, spirituality, parapsychology etc.

Starting from 1990 the M.I.S.A. yoga school opened yoga courses in over 250 localities in Romania and 16 other countries (Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, USA, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Czech Republic, etc.). The movement leadership evaluates that about 40000 students are following so far the yoga courses conducted by M.I.S.A. The instructors conducting these classes are selected based on some both theoretical and practical examinations and have a special training.

In 1990 Gregorian Bivolaru was awarded a diploma by the International Yoga University Vishwaguru Himalaya in Rishikesh, India, as tribute for his personal contribution in disseminating the yoga practice. He has also been acknowledged as yoga teacher by the School for High Studies within AUPAC (Alliance Universelle pour la Paix par la Connaissance) since 1991. In 1995 he got the certificate of “editorial adviser for books on yoga and parapsychology” granted by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.