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SOTERIA International – brief presentation:

SOTERIA International was founded in 2007 to meet the increased need for protecting and highlighting human rights violations due to misunderstandings of spiritual practice. The growing number of people adapting a spiritual perspective on life often meets a resistant misunderstanding in the society of the newly emerging values and principles and in some cases leads to governmental and institutional intolerance and spiritual xenophobia towards new spiritual and religious movements. SOTERIA international aims at re-establishing a constructive dialogue between state and social actors together with spiritual practitioners, in order to decrease the gap of misunderstanding and to stop the abuses of human rights that resulted from it.

SOTERIA International takes active part in civil society at political and social level to promote the integration of spiritual principles in the decisions for the future. The organization also researches and acts within the judiciary, social and political fields on cases of human rights violations related to spiritual practice. The main office is situated in Copenhagen and handles international conferences and forums as well as legal cases.

SOTERIA International sustains a deeper understanding and a broader perspective on the freedom of conscience and belief and aims towards acknowledgement that spirituality cannot be regarded as a separate practice, but is rather integrated in all individual and social activities. People and organizations with sincere spiritual intentions should enjoy the same respect and social protection as traditional religious practices.

SOTERIA International is accredited in the European parliament and actively works to promote spiritual perspectives in political solutions. The membership in SOTERIA International is open to all individuals and organizations working in the same line of thought. Currently, SOTERIA International is represented in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, England, Romania, Israel and Italy.

SOTERIA International – guidelines of activities:

-       Spirituality is an essential and inherent part of human life;

-       The right to pursue a spiritual practice should be stated and respected;

-       Spiritual perspectives should be present in public debates;

-       Human Rights charters should be considered also from the point of view of spiritual needs of individuals;

-       Spiritual organizations should be respected in terms of freedom of expression and  access to public debates.




You can help the international case of spiritual human rights by becoming a member of Soteria International. As a member you will receive regular email updates on our activity. 

If you wish to become a member of SOTERIA INTERNATIONAL and support spiritual human rights, please send an email with the completed questionnaire (found below) to info@soteriainternational.org:

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In order to ensure that your membership with Soteria International has been processed, please complete the membership application form, pay the membership fee & send this information to info@soteriainternational.org.

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