About Soteria

Soteria International was founded in July 2007 as a reaction to the growing governmental and institutional intolerance towards spiritual organistions and spiritual practice the last decades, escalating after 2001. In the same time-period spirituality was embraced world-wide by ever more people as a basis for self-understanding and visions in life.

After 2007 the global ecological crisis and financial crisis, as the increasing numbers people experiencing stress related illnesses has opened many eyes for the necessity, not only for the individual but also for society to respect the immanent principles of inner as well as outer nature.

The growing number of people adapting a spiritual perspective on life paired with the increased governmental and institutional intolerance and spiritual xenophobia risk to end in yet another crisis – the ecology crisis of inner nature.

Soteria International takes active part in civil society at political and social level to promote the integration of spiritual principles in our decisions for the future. Soteria also researches and acts within the judiciary, social and political fields in cases of human rights violations related to spiritual practice.

The main office is situated in Copenhagen and handles international conferences and forums as well as the legal cases.

Soteria International is rapidly growing and in 2014 has local offices in 9 countries. The national offices research and handle local issues and collect information for our growing research and informational center in Copenhagen.



  • SOTERIA works to ensure the right of everyone to pursue a spiritual practice.
  • SOTERIA works for society to reflect spirituality as an essential and inherent part of human life and facilitate mankind's spiritual pursuits.
  • SOTERIA promotes spiritual perspectives in public debates.
  • SOTERIA engages local and global community to raise awareness of the immanent principles of inner Spiritual Human Rights reassess the humanity within the human rights, understood from the principles of mankind’s inner nature.
  • SOTERIA aims to secure the freedom of expression for spiritual organisations and ensures their access to public debates.
  • SOTERIA targets specific political campaigns at the judiciary, politicians and media to raise questions of spiritual human rights and find solutions in a political or judicial frame when needed.


You can help the international case of spiritual human rights by becoming a member of Soteria International. As a member you will receive regular email updates on our activity. 

If you wish to become a member of SOTERIA INTERNATIONAL and support spiritual human rights, please send an email with the completed questionnaire (found below) to info@soteriainternational.org:

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