Laicity and Freedom of Belief in Italy: Reports, Suggestions, Evidence Presentation of FOB

European Federation for Freedom of Belief - Italy

On Monday, 21th of December 2015, Soteria International is having the pleasure to participate as a guest at the conference held by FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) in Rome.

Soteria International is member of FOB and together we organized conferences and seminars, sustaining a deeper understanding and a broader perspective on the freedom of conscience and belief.

FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) is a European non-party and non- denominational federation, composed of associations founded in different member States of the European Union, created to support freedom of religion and belief.

During the conference FOB will present its own activities to the Italian public. The purposes of FOB substantially fit in the support to the FORB program passed by the European Union.

During this meeting, reports and suggestions by FOB will be investigated; wide room will be given to the speeches from people who have been involved with and committed to the defense of religious freedom for decades. Moreover evidence of cases in which such fundamental freedom has been seriously violated will be provided. Final aim is to let citizens become aware of the actual situations within this field giving them the knowledge and information needed to promote and sustain the respect of fundamental human rights.

The event will take place:

Monday 21th December 2015, at 10 am, in Rome, Palazzo Montecitorio. Sala Aldo Moro - Piazza di Montecitorio, 00186 Roma.


Greetings by MP Ciocchetti Pietro Nocita - President

Alessandro Amicarelli - Vice-president

Raffaella Di Marzio - Secretary

Camillo Maffia - Councillor

Marco Perduca - Senator of the XVI parliament and UN representative for Transnational Radical Party, Member of the Scientific Committee of FOB

Thierry Valle - Director of the NGO CAP pour la LiberteĢ de Conscience. Member of the Advisory Council of FOB

Camelia Marin - Project Coordinator of the NGO Soteria International Member of the Advisory Council of FOB

Dora Bognandi - National Secretary of the AIDLR Member of the Scientific Committee of FOB

Luigi Berzano - Professor of the University of Turin Member of the Scientific Committee of FOB

Luca Bauccio - Expert of information law and legal image protection Member of the Scientific Committee of FOB

Germana Carobene - Researcher at the University of Naples Member of the Scientific Committee of FOB

Peter Zoehrer - Secretary of FOREF Europe

The admittance to the room is allowed until the reaching of the maximum capacity. You are reminded that in order to be admitted to the Chamber the registration is obligatory, by 15th December 2015.

For men suit and tie are obligatory.

Information, registration and press credits: mobile: 3349501393 mobile: 3488299499