Gregorian Bivolaru between political asylum and jail

EU member states are faced with a dilema: to respect the Geneva convention or the European Arrest Warrant in Gregorian Bivolaru's case.

The Bivolaru case is again in the centre of European attention, challenging the EU-collaboration as one country, Romania, continues a persecution that another EU-member state protects the refugee from.

Taking in consideration the unicity of the Bivolaru’s case, the question about Mr Bivolaru situation was addressed in different occasions at the European level including to the former president of the commission Jose Manuel Barosso, and also to the former vice-presidents Viviane Reding and Cecilia Malmstrom., .  

This film from 2015 presents background of the persecutions as well as perspectives on how to handle today's unique situation.

The film includes statements of

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barrosso

Vice president of the European Commmission, Viviane Reding

Professor of International Law, Lucia Rossi

Political scientist, writer and founder of Helsinki Committee in Romania, Gabriel Andreescu

Lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights, Gregory Tuan

Romanian Military Brigadier, Dan Voinea

Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers, Willy Fautré

Representative of Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA, Mihai Advaita Stoian