Famous human rights defender Mr. Quraishy criticizes FECRIS

Last year we highlighted the democratic problems inside FECRIS that surfaced in a report from Dresden University - Undemocratic practices of anti-sect movements.

The well-known Human Rights defender Mr. Quraishy visited their annual meeting and after issued a video expressing his negative experiences confirming the critique of sectarian and undemocratic practices within the organization.

Mr. Quraishy also made a written complaint to the Council of Europe where FECRIS enjoys advisory status and received an answer from Jutta Gützkow, Head of Civil Society Division, Directorate General of Democracy of the
 Council of Europe, who replied that they are looking into the matter.

The video has been widely spread in social media and social society have expressed their support of Mr. Quraishy’s critique and republished the video, such as Human Rights Without Frontiers, Religions for Peace, European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF) and EMISCO.

Soteria International fully supports Mr. Quraishy and all initiatives to increase transparency regarding the disproportionate influence FECRIS and their anti-spiritual and undemocratic agenda have in Europe today.