World Peace Day - 21 September 2016

Spiritual human rights are a building block for the maintenance of peace.  When the freedom of spiritual belief becomes a human right, engrained in the collective conscience, creating a social environment in which there is an acceptance and understanding of the spiritual freedoms that all humans deserve, including differences and similarities, peace will be a natural byproduct.

World peace has been an age-old aspiration of many of the inhabitants of our globe throughout time. Although there is still a clear struggle to uphold a state of peace among and within nations and people, the United Nations has accorded a day, each year, specifically to commemorate this cause.

September 21 marks the International Day of Peace, which provides us the opportunity to bring World Peace to the attention of the international community.

 As a collective, we must understand and integrate an acceptance of differing worldviews, while understanding that the spiritual perspective is not separate from the any other perspective. We are spiritual beings, whether we acknowledge it or not, and to be open to accepting variety creates a social environment which is conducive to peace. Respecting spiritual human rights and seeing one another as fellow human beings, in a state of openness rather than defense or conflict, can breed mutual understanding, whether there is agreement or not, on how to practice or what to believe. When we can see that there is, in fact, no separation between spiritual belief and virtually everything else; and when we can realize that it is the same to believe in something or nothing, we can not only be tolerant of the views of others, but also be understanding and loving towards one another. So a component of ensuring that peace will be maintained, is found in the sense of unity in the freedom to believe in whatever we so choose. Soteria, therefore, would like to express its support of this global awareness initiative in order to encourage peace and harmony amongst and between individuals, societies, and nations.

In order to support World Peace along with our global community, on the International Day of Peace, itself, September 21 at 12pm, a minute of silence will be observed. On September 24, the autumn equinox, a synchronized global meditation for World Peace will take place from 1-2 am CET.

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