violations against European yogis visiting Chennai on June 2011

spiritual human rights cases india satya yogaFollowing notifications sent to Soteria International by some Danish, German and Romanian citizens in which they report a series of flagrant violations of human rights, our organization for defending human rights, has begun a social investigation into their case.
The following citizens, Ulrik Lyshoj, Rainer Trubel, Mihai Ian Stoian, Adina Maria Stoian, Nicoleta Markus and Simona Colesniuc, are asking for help and counseling because of the fact that, in their cases, the right of presumption of innocence, the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the right of freedom of peaceful assembly and association were violated.
Our organization, which is defending human rights, started its own investigation. After some research into this case Soteria International has confirmed the following facts:



The facts:
spiritual human rights abuses cases india satya yogaThis group of people visited India as tourists from the end of May to 6th June. For some days they were together with friends who live in Chennai with whom they participated to some meetings about yoga practice and philosophy. A reporter from Times of India came to make an interview with them. The next day he published a dirty story which was full of lies on the front page of the newspaper. Inspector S. Pavun from the Chennai police started an investigation based on these lies. In the FIR No. 1095-2011, these people are accused of committing the offence from section 292 of the Indian Penal Code, based only on that defamatory newspaper article which is full of lies and a declaration filed by one Mr. Kannan. Basically, the police accused them of having an obscene book and of filming pornographic movies in India; both accusations are completely absurd. The book is an officially published book about Tantra which contains pictures from Indian temple walls; if you want we can send you an electronic copy of it so you can see for yourself that there are no obscene images within it. And the aberrant accusation of shooting porno movies is out of the question, none of these people ever had such an intention.  
From this group of decent people, two of them, Simona Colesniuc and Nicoleta Markus were visiting India for the first time in their lives for a period of less than 2 weeks and now they are considered criminals. It was also claimed that they are part of a sex cult, mixing yoga with sex.
This group of people has an interest in studying yoga because they are part of NATHA YOGACENTER Denmark, a yoga school affiliated with The International Federation for Yoga and Meditation Atman, and part of their purpose for visiting India was to do some research in this field. Together with them in this group were a yoga teacher from Natha, Mihai Stoian, and his wife, Adina. We found out that Mr. and Mrs. Stoian are famous lecturers about Tantra Yoga and they keep lectures throughout the world, attracting a good audience and being welcomed allover.
Another person accused in this case is German citizen, Rainer Trubel, who came to India on a business visa to practice architecture. In his free time he has also been studying yoga and shares his knowledge with a group of friends in Chennai under the name of Satya Yoga. Following the police inquiries about the activity of this group, which hosted Mihai and Adina Stoian for a few days on their journey through South India, Mr. Trubel was harassed by the police for one week in his attempt to clarify the case.
Police Inspector Pavun behaved very aggressively and threatened Mr. Trubel and the others in front of his lawyer because of the articles in the newspaper. Mr. Trubel requested the help of the German Embassy and they advised him to take care to not get arrested for nothing, saying that they cannot help him, but they know that such things happen, and they even gave examples of similar situations.

spiritual human rights cases abuses satya yogaWe have made investigations into this group and its time in India - how it was and what they did. Including how they perceived their relationships with the police and how their human rights were respected in this case.
Their answers were shocking for us, but they supported their complaints with evidence as follows:
1. The Police threats: Rainer Trubel has an audio recording of one of his meetings with Inspector Pavun and in this recording it is obvious that the policeman behaved very aggressively and threatened him and the others because of the defamatory articles in the newspaper. Mr. Trubel said his Indian lawyer was also present and witnessed this behaviour.
2. The NDTV – (one of the main TV stations in India) broadcast a news story in which they lied about this above mentioned group of people and they faked an interview in which they copy-pasted some answers. In response to this great crime against their reputation and image, Mr. Stoian had an audio-video expert analysis carried out by a German Institute, proving that the interview was fabricated from various pieces that were recorded at different times and that it does not represent a true interview.
3. India Today – TV station, made a news report (in three programs) which was full of calumnies and defamatory lies and which also mystified another interview. This is done quite stupidly; one person says something in English while at the same time the TV station put subtitles as if they are their words but in reality they are saying something else. It is obvious for everyone who knows English that the news report is a fake with the intention to defame. 

We have come to the conclusion that the human rights of the persons mentioned at the beginning of this letter have not been respected in this case. Soteria International has made contact with the Indian authorities and is in touch with them with the purpose of insuring the respecting of the human rights of these individuals and all spiritual practitioners.


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