The letter of Nirj DEVA (MEP, U.K. European Conservatives) adressed to the Romanian prime minister and Ministry of Justice

Spiritual Human Rights

In attention of:
The prime minister of Romania
Romanian Minister of Justice

We respectfully request your attention in an important judicial case that is currently awaiting the final decision in the Supreme Court of Romania.

It was brought to our attention by private persons and human rights organizations that there might be irregularities in the judicial procedures in the case no. 405/85/2005, regarding Gregorian Bivolaru.

After eight years of trials and two positive decisions in the courts in the favour of Mr. G. Bivolaru, we hereby express our concern about information we have received about this case which indicates that unjust actions may be taking place around the case which is currently in the final stages in The Supreme Court of Romania, including instances of pressure being put upon the judges with the purpose of influencing the outcome of the case.

We tank you for your cooperation and at the same time we have the strong belief that justice will prevail.

Your sincerely,
Nirj DEVA, MEP, U.K. European Conservatives