New paradigm of solving conflicts - raising from the mind, in the heart. Love, Peace, Conscience.

By Camelia Marin

See whole webinar here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qz2UZB2Bzo

On the Human Rights Day, in order to fulfil our purpose which is to see the human rights respected all over the world and the human kind being genuinely humane, I would like to start with the necessity of unifying minds and hearts – which is the key element to be taken into consideration both for the individual spiritual evolution and for the social evolution seen from a holistic perspective.

As we can see, Tai Ji Men practice encourages all of us to experience states like love, peace and conscience, which, in their view, should be there in order to become a harmonious society and to raise our level of consciousness.

In one way or another, we need to shift from the old paradigm of solving conflicts – which didn’t take into consideration the already existing state of unity, created by both sides of the conflict being on the same level, of the mind, and which, thus, was in itself a seed of conflict – to a new paradigm, of surpassing the level where conflicts appear, by engaging the hearts in this process.

Validated nowadays by the newest discoveries of science, this new paradigm of conflict management is based on the concept of Concordia or coherence of the hearts.

In the ancient western philosophy, Pascal considered the heart as a cognitive faculty, able to unify the key operations of will and intellect without finally collapsing into either.

The French author and intellectual René Guénon, who was an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, referred to the Heart as the centre through which a world can open to all that transcend it.

With his two incompleteness theorems, Gödel shows that in any formal axiomatic system there are truths that cannot be proven by the means provided only within this system and it is always necessary to transcend it.

When we apply these considerations to the issue of solving conflicts, it becomes obvious that it is not possible to do so only at the level of the mind where conflicts appear. The mind has to be transcended and it can be done only by engaging the heart into this process.  

The humankind experience so far demonstrates that legality often prevails over righteousness, but when things are considered just as an exclusive result of legislative decisions, the human rights can miss the ethical and moral dimensions coming from a common sense of Justice as a fruit of the three: love-right-solidarity naturally existing among the members of a community.

Tai Ji Men offers a support in helping several people understand that only by going to a superior level, guided by love and conscience, we can become humane and happy in our lives.

Human Rights Day – can be seen as a day of Hope.

Unfortunately, for the Tai Ji Men community this day means more a day of sadness due to its connection with 19th of December 1996, when Prosecutor Hou, accused Tai Ji Men and Dr Hong of tax evasion, and hundreds of armed police officers searched the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy premises as well as the private residences of several Tai Ji Men dizi.

This is when a long series of human rights violations started for Tai Ji Men, including the arrest of Dr. Hong for almost four months, on totally illegal bases. Moreover, another human rights violation was to arrest and detain his wife and two other dizi.

For Tai Ji Men we can say that they have 10th of December, a day of human rights celebration, and 19th of December, a day of sad commemoration.

On many occasions, the targeted spiritual community steps back, not daring to say anything. This lack of action, such as not giving testimonies, or standing for their own rights, is making them an easy target. Luckily, in the Tai Ji Men community, the dizi are standing for their rights and sharing their experiences.

It is a brave act the perseverance of Dr. Hong and Tai Ji Men dizi’s in spreading love, peace and conscience, and the continuous struggle for their rights, especially because it is a long process, as Tai Ji Men has been persecuted by some Taiwanese officials for over 26 years.