The M.I.S.A. Case - A short presentation

Spiritual Human RightsM.I.S.A. Association has been founded in Romania, as a non-profit association, in January 1990, shortly after the Romanian anti-communist “revolution”. It has a socio-professional, philosophical and educative character, aiming to increase the spiritual level of peoples by spreading the yoga knowledge and practices.

The spiritual mentor of Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute is the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Endowed with a truthfully encyclopaedic knowledge, having a rich practical experience and genuine pedagogical talent, Gregorian Bivolaru contrived to found what we today name M.I.S.A. Yoga School, the largest yoga school in Europe.

For understanding the context of M.I.S.A. setting up and the development of M.I.S.A. Yoga School we have to point out that in Romania the practice of yoga has been forbidden between 1982 and 1989. Yoga was illegal in Romania until December 1989, the time of Romanian “revolution”.  For this reason, Gregorian Bivolaru was permanently kept under observation by the Romanian “Security Services“,  because he was practicing and teaching yoga. He has been jailed two times and then forcedly hospitalized in a psychiatric hospice during the communist regime (solution adopted during communist regime for getting rid of undesirable ones, because the communist ideology was not allowing political detainees). Why was Gregorian Bivolaru guilty of? Because he exchanged letters with Mircea Eliade and kept on practicing and teaching yoga during 1982-1989. 

After the “revolution” Gregorian Bivolaru become officially free to practice and teach yoga and, together with a group of yogi friends, founded M.I.S.A. Their yoga conferences and courses had a tremendous success and thousands of people then registered to the yoga classes organized by MISA in Bucuresti, Cluj, Iasi and Brasov in the first months of 1990. In the following years have been opened classes in more and more cities throughout Romania and abroad.

After that, while the M.I.S.A. phenomenon grew more and more, they faced permanent attacks, harassments and abuses from Romanian “democratic” authorities, having the officious support of mass-media. Not at all surprisingly, especially taking into account the questionable authenticity of 1989 events, Gregorian Bivolaru remained, for pollitical reasons, on the undesirable persons list after 1989 also.  Periodically, the press launched extremely virulent attacks, really press campaigns to compromise M.I.S.A. and Gregorian Bivolaru.
Starting from 2004, M.I.S.A., it’s mentor and even the yoga students was subjects of a new series of various abuses and human rights violations from Romanian authorities, with servile support of mass-media.

Finally, Gregorian Bivolaru was given political asylum in Sweden in 2006. The Supreme Court of Justice of Stockholm concluded, after nine months investigation of the Gregorian Bivolaru file in Sweden, that the abuses and unjust persecution against him in Romania are due to his beliefs.

Today, in 2012, the abuses of Romanian authorities and the obedient mass-media against M.I.S.A. and Gregorian Bivolaru still continues, even if the Romanian Justice stated on February 8, 2012 that the communist abuses and convictions disposed against Gregorian Bivolaru was politically based.