Religious leaders and NGO's met in Copenhagen to discuss "What is the state's role in individual spiritual progress?".

"Thank you Soteria for highlingting questions at the core of our existence, as individuals and as a society. Soteria's aims look very noble, innocent and prizeworthy. But in this innocence Soteria asks very penetrating questions and try to shake the status quo"
- Bashy Quaraishy, General Secretary, EMISCO

Friday evening the seminar was preluded by a special screening of the documentary "Free the mind".

The discussion following gave an unorthdox angle on the seminar; is "spirituality" in any way a "problem" to be "solved" by "society". Is the understanding of society as sharing responsability for individual progress actually a trap hindering real spiritual progress?

The seminar itself presented a wide range of perspectives on if and how the state should, or should not engage itself in the progression of spirituality in society.

During 2012-2013 Soteria International hosts four visionary seminar with hands-on practitioners on the relation between state and spiritual practice. The first was "What is Spirituality's Role i Modern Society?" followed 20th April by "What is the State's Role in IndividualSPiritual Progress?". Next conferencess will be in the end of September 2013 and beginning of December 2013.