Soteria at Radio Freedom 2013-01-20

Soteria International were guests at Radio Freedom 20th January 2013.

The live radio show discusses the undemocratic aspects of anti-sect movements in Europe based on the new case study on FECRIS conducted by experts under Human Rights Without Frontiers and published by Dresden university.

The direct undemocratic influence of FECRIS is illustrated by two cases followed by Soteria; the French anti-sect police force CAIMADES attack on Terre du Ciel in 2012 and Italian SAS’s raid on the Tripura Sundari Yoga School in Bologna, Florence, Genoa and Rome in 2012.

The show further inform about the European discussions on re-introducing “plagio” laws and the perspectives this may have on the freedom of thought, conscience and belief.

Soteria reports from the EMISCO colloquium in the European Parliament on islamophobia. The need to address growing xenophobia in matters of faith and conscience was univocally expressed by the many experts from Human Rights, Universities and European institutions. Article here.

Hear the program in Danish:

For a radio show on the foundation of Soteria International, Spiritual Human Rights and the Soteria seminar “The Role of Spirituality in Modern Society”, please see here.