To let the butcher guard the cow

Spiritual Human Rights

This is a translation from Hebrew of an article written by an Israeli group called MESHANIM. Their web-site is This article is revealing important information about the link between the human-rights organizations and the very organizations which are creating the violations of human rights - the latter funding the first. The article is starting from the perspective of the local human-rights organizations in Israel, but uses this only as an example of the situation word-wide, gradually shifting the focus to the international level and to the key player in human-rights funding - the FORD FOUNDATION - which is also representing the main generators of human rights violations. The importance of this article is that it shows that the paradigm that we have today is not allowing an adequate response to the violations of human-rights, since the human-rights organizations deal mostly with relieving the suffering of the violated, and ignore all together the causes that generated the situation. As this article shows, the ignorance of the root causes for the violation of human-rights, is not by coincidence, but by design.

To let the butcher guard the cow – Human Rights associations

Almost all of the struggles for Human Rights in Israel and around the world are dealing only with the results - documenting the violation of human rights, but not with what is happening, the reasons: Why does the violation happen? Who is behind it, and gaining while it is being done? Who is gaining from the violating in Jewish residents rights, the settlers, the Palestinians, immigrants, orthodox religious people, women, soldiers, disabled, workers, migrant workers, refugees, unemployed, homeless people? Why does the occupation continue, and why do Cancer epidemics and car accidents continue? Who is gaining from violation the right of expression and protest? Who is putting the pressure in order for these thing to continue and will lose if they cease? On all of these, the associations which are dealing already for decades do not speak. Why? Isn't it required of speaking on what is going on, who is doing it and why, in order to stop it?

The common to all these violations is that they all just a part of the economical activity of the richest most powerful people in society, and they're aim is to concentrate in their hands as much power and money, while taking advantage on the rest of the population. Human rights violations, the human suffering that these human rights associations are documenting, is of the exploited population, while the fundamental rights are being taken from it by using power and money. For example, the freedom of speech against all the bodies that wants to speak out against these acts.

Deportation of migrant workers is being done to create a class of slaves that are afraid from deportation, in order to employ them as cheap labor, to increase unemployment and so to intimidate also the local workers; Diseases are the result of giving a free hand to the big corporations to spread which kind of poisons they want in the environment; The car accidents are not fate nor the failure but just promotion of private transport over public, by the automotive, fuel and road industries, because from this they earn more; "Occupation" is the occupation of the Palestinian market, by the Israelis and international companies, while they economically control the millions of Palestinians and making them into imprisoned consumers and cheap labor by preventing the development of local businesses and blocking the borders, as well as by theft of lands by local real estate professionals and creation of the suitable conditions to subsidize the weapon industry; etc. etc.. The reasons for the problems, the strong economical interest that is promoting a policy which is leading to these problems, is not brought to the public's knowledge, which on his side assumes that there is someone who is taking care of the problem. Yet, he is wrong.

Bodies who are responsible for the violations, which are promoting the process which is obliging the violations, know that there would be people that would want to protest against the violations, and to establish a public discourse in the subject. They have an interest to limit the public discourse in the subject of documentation of the violations, and to control it by controlling the committee of the workers (or committees of associations) that are calling in the name of the public to the managers of the public service, municipalities, in the parliament or in the court, asking to negotiate about reducing the violations of human rights. These "violations" are being regard as unusual, for which the question of what activities are violations and whether it is justified, not raised by the committees, and the employees are forced to accept the "failure" of the committees, the organizations that represented them, without protest, and to thank them for even trying. Small changes, usually mere apparent, from the original plan, are presented as a great success.

It's no coincidence that the human rights associations do not talk on why things happen. These associations are being financed and managed by the same entities that are causing the violations and which initiated and promoted the process which is causing the violations. It's very hard to find an association for Human Rights in Israel which is not financed, controlled and managed by "The New Israel Fund " (and its daughter company "Shtil") and "Ford Foundation", or " Israel Ford Foundation" (a combination of " New Israel Fund " and "Ford Foundation"), foundations which are being invested by the richest people in Israel and in the world, and they are the ones which are responsible to the process of transferring more money to them, which are calling for violation in human rights.

In some of the associations, the funding and the control are direct: "The association for the war on cancer", the biggest non-profit association in Israel, is managed and financed (in addition to money being blackmailed deceivingly from the violated public) by the main distributors of carcinogenic substances in Israel, the ones who are responsible for the epidemic of cancer. For example, the president of the association, Miri Ziv, is the wife of Yossi Ziv, the president of Industrial Council Ramat Hovev, the person which is representing the most carcinogenic environmental damage in Israel - there is 65% more cancer around the factories which he is representing. The association of "Green Light", the biggest non-profit association in the transportation industry, is being financed and managed by the automation, fuel and roads industries. The fancy annual convention of the association, which is closed for the public but open for the heads of the industry and politicians, are usually organized by the head of the association committee, Yehuda Vilak, the president of the “Crossing Israel Road”, the biggest project in Israel to promote private transportation. "The forum for preventing heart diseases and blood vessels diseases" is a project of the company “Strauss-Elite”, which is promoting as much as it can the consumption of food which is causing one-third of the premature death in Israel from blood diseases. Etc, Etc.

Most human rights organizations funding is a little more indirect, apparently - the money is transferred to associations of the entities against whom they are supposed to fight brokered funds, to the public they are being called "Philanthropic funds" and to donors they are being called "investment funds" or "companies". Largest of which are "New Israel Fund" - the largest fund in the control of human rights organizations and environment in Israel, and "Ford Foundation", the world's largest fund in the control of human rights organizations. Both these funds are managed for decades by officials in CIA and U.S.AID (a subsidiary of the agency CIA), the agencies with which American corporations have taken great violence and serious breaches of human rights on the economy of countries in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The current president of the Ford Foundation, Louis Aobins, for example, was the director of economic consulting company from the biggest in the world, McKinsey & Company, which is working for governments and the biggest corporations in the world. He was responsible for example, for the largest privatization project in the world - the privatization of state-owned companies of East Germany after the down fall of the wall, for especially affordable prices particularly to the big corporations. There is no need to specify the relationship between privatization and human rights' violation.

The history of the Ford Foundation management is of continuous presidents and directors who ran the government and private economic program which were involved in major human rights violations in the last seventy years. Including for example, Paul Hoffman, who managed the Marshall Plan, the first project of the CIA’s economic domination of U.S. corporations on Europe, under the guise of rehabilitating Europe; Rouen Gaiter, who initially dealt with the RAND Corporation that at the beginning dealt with research and consulting for the U.S. armed forces, and then also for other governments and private entities; John McCloy that also worked with the CIA and was a special assistant for the U.S. administration for war affairs, President of the World Bank, the Bank Chairman of "Chase Manhattan", attorney of the seven largest oil companies in the U.S., the High Commissioner on behalf of the United States in Germany; Richard Bissell, who was special assistant to the CIA director and to the chief of plan of the CIA, and ruled most of the budget of the CIA. He was responsible for executing "dirty job", for example the plan to assassinate Fidel Castro by the local mafia, in order to prevent the meeting that could bring peace agreement between Kennedy and Castro (later Kennedy was assassinated "by a single madman" and then it was no longer necessary) . He also worked in the office of Strategic Services (OSS) which trained guerrillas warriors, terrorists and spies, and as secretary of the Marshall Plan; Henry Hild, who was a senior in several major U.S. corporations in the field of insurance, communications, cosmetics and metals; McGeorge Bundy, who was national security adviser for the presidents Kennedy and Johnson, and promoted the escalation of Vietnam War, was also in the group that was trained to manage the Marshall Plan; Franklin Thomas, a senior police commissioner, lawyer for the federal funding agency, and from the Citigroup executives (one of the strongest financial groups in the world), Pepsi Corporation, Company Halomium of the U.S. (Alcoa), the giant corporation Cummings (engine producer in the third-world countries), the communications corporation (cellular etc.) Lucent; etc. etc..

If the possibility that the big business in the United States employ people to represent their side not only in the management of bodies like the government (financing political parties and parliament members, hiring lobbyists), the mass-media (media ownership, hiring PR spokespeople), Academy (Donations and funding research, sitting on boards of directors and Board of Governors) and the Internet (talkbacks) - but also organizations that are supposed to fight them, look too "conspiring" for you (and it is very reasonable, considering that we were educated to chuckle cynically automatically when we hear the words CIA or hear about "conspiracy", meaning a connection between strong people to promote themselves on the place of public expense) - You are invited to examine things by yourself, the information is available and visible to those who really want to know.

Example reading material:

Who Paid the Piper: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, by Frances Stonor Saunders, deals with the Ford Foundation as an extension of the CIA funded human rights organizations, artists, and academia to promote the economic interests of American corporations