Invitation to the Tenth SPIRITUAL HUMAN RIGHTS Conference, 10 December 2017 – Next level!


Its been ten years. Soteria International has grown steadily in the pursuit of securing fundamental freedoms and Spiritual Human Rights for all.

We want to celebrate a decade of success, as our perspectives have been heard, shared and spread all over Europe. Experts, politicians and human rights activists have shared their faith in our principles and commitment!

Despite the reach of our ideas and the positive feedback that followed, we have witnessed a growing trend in the society towards distrust, fear and suspicion regarding the intrinsic value of spiritual human right. Moreover, this trend is fuelled by mainstream media, and the law-makers and governments around Europe seem more inclined to listen to fear-mongers and social media thought-police.

The risk here is that, for fearing the spontaneous and creative nature of man's spirituality, the State is inclined to trample over the individual's basic human right, and far too often this is done in the name of the 'greater good'. As such, we have witnessed a decade of increased surveillance, increased xenophobia and an ever narrowing perspective on what is considered” normal” and acceptable within the society.

So, while celebrating our success in defending the spiritual rights of people all over Europe, we must also be prepared to live up to the increased challenges that are already here. Let us prepare for a decade of effective actions, not just words. Let us explore new ways to awaken the courage needed to live life fully, as complete and free human beings.

The tenth Spiritual Human Rights conference calls on all of us to be the guardian of the fundamental rights of people around us no matter their religion and culture, and never to let fear and ignorance be the measure of our hearts and freedom of conscience.