Invitation to Our Upcoming Conference

Freedom of Expression and Religious Rights: Struggles and Challenges


Soteria International & ENAR Denmark Invite you to our upcoming conference:

Freedom of Expression and Religious Rights: Struggles and Challenges

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 13 @ 8pm

Venue: VerdensKulturCentret

Address: Nørre Allé 7, Copenhagen N

This conference will be a series of short presentations and debate where human rights activists and guests will openly discuss the issues related to Freedom of Expression in a religious context in Denmark and Europe, and will focus on questions such as: 

1. What role can education play in raising awareness regarding how to maintain freedom of expression, while ensuring the respect of one another’s reputation?

2. How can education help raise awareness with regards to the thin line between the Freedom of Religion and Belief and the Freedom of Expression?

3. How can an open society engage and work towards ensuring the Freedom of Expression, while respecting the moral and ethical code?

4. Should there be ‘checks and balances’ in relation to Freedom of Expression in a religious context?

5. How can we resolve these issues together?

Denmark prides itself on being an open society, characterized by a flexible structure, the freedom to believewhat one chooses, and the widespread dissemination of information. The Danish Constitution states: "Everyone is entitled to express, in writing and speech to publicize his/her thoughts." It is a society which encourages critical debate and respects diverse opinions.

The Danish Institute for Human Rights recently published their 2016-2017 Status Report which deemed Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion as two points of concern in Denmark. The complex interaction between these two freedoms is becoming more apparent in our diverse society, where mono-cultural norms are being challenged by globalization. Denmark is, thus, standing at a crossroads, where on one hand, it wants to maintain a well-functioning society, built upon the mono-ethnic and mono-cultural western values upon which the country was built, while also integrating diverse groups that reside here in a congruent way.

The right to freedom of expression is constitutionally guaranteed and the state is legally bound to protect it. However, Freedom of Expression is not an absolute right, but is regulated by the law and through responsibility. One may freely express one’s self, but in doing so, one should not damage the rights or reputation of others, by making false and misleading statements. Unfortunately, this recommendation is largely ignored, and, thus, often not respected across all levels, whether in governmental institutions, the mass media, or on the individual level. The result is that this perceived total freedom of expression does indeed have the capacity to harm.

The aim of this conference is, therefore, to open the dialogue between various members of society on the topic of Freedom of Expression—particularly in the Danish and European contexts—with the hope of increasing our understanding for one another and to find a way to embrace diverse beliefs in the increasingly globalized Danish and European context, while adhering to the shared moral code of conduct and rule of law. 

*As spots are limited, you must reserve your spot (FREE) via and come with a printed or mobile version of your ticket!

**The list of speakers can be seen on our Facebook page - expect a relevant and exciting mix of religious representatives, NGOs, politicians, academics, and journalists!