International Convention "Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe - An arduous journey"

Event organized by European Federation for Freedom of Belief, Florence, 18-19 January 2018

European Federation for Freedom of Belief - FOB, a Federation of Associations that advocate freedom of thought, religion and belief, will organize, under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr Thorbjørn Jagland, and under the patronage of OSCE - PA, on 18 - 19 January 2018 at Auditorium Sant'Apollonia, Firenze - Via San Gallo, 25/a the International Convention "Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe - An arduous journey".

Presentation of the event:

"Within globalization, within pluralism, in a multi-ethnic society, with the many exoduses and with the diversities bursting into our society, protection of civil rights and especially the right to believe and the right for freedom, have become a crucial need for the European Community and the national governments that comprise it. In an uncertain and volatile reality, that protection is our duty and the duty of each country, and the only way to make it valid and effective all over Europe and in each and every country of the Union, is to have European laws as well as European justice enforcement bodies.

With the differences of laws and rulings of each national government, with the pressures of anti-liberal forces and sometimes of nonsense politics, it is not an easy task, the one we are entitled to. Within the protection (with no shyness) of freedom to believe and freedom of religion, dwells a hope for peace, for pacific cohabitation and reciprocal acknowledgment which alone turns the different, the ‘other’, the unknown, into a comrade, a friend and a fellow citizen.

In such often puzzling protection stands the creation, as well, of the most truthful identity for Europe and its role amongst the nations and continents."

During the two days event, the sessions will take the following subjects:

- Philosophy and Theory of Law,

- Sociology of Religions,

- Ideological and Legal Obstacles to the Right of Freedom of Belief in Europe,

- Ecclesiastical Law,

- History of Religions and Legal Aspects of Religious Confessions,

- Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe.

The representatives of Soteria International will present its perspective during the session on the “Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe”.

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