Human Rights Day - 10 December 2022

Tai Ji Men Case - Fighting for Human Rights

In 1950, the United Nations declared 10th December a day to celebrate human dignity, equality and respect, a day to remind governments and politicians that the paramount emphasis of all their actions should be the human dimension.

On the Human Rights Day this year, Soteria International will participate to the webinar organized by CESNUR and HRWF to further the scope of the human rights’ discussions and to bring perspectives from various spiritual traditions.

Tai Ji Men case shows us that violations of human rights or better said spiritual human rights are still happening.

It was often voiced that, despite numerous declarations of freedom and respect, societies still struggle with diversity of beliefs. The main axis of the FORB discourse revolves around traditional religions, however religious discrimination impacts greatly also the new religious and spiritual movements. Unfortunately, instead of trying to bring fairness and coherence to the issue, governments not only fail to recognize the situation of NRMs, but in some cases, fuel discrimination and support the violation of human rights due to improper legislative acts.

Several organizations and Tai Ji Men dizi (disciples) decided to bring awareness to the subject and  to discuss the situation the "non-action" of Taiwan goverment in Tai JI Men case affects the right to self-determination and the freedom of conscience and belief of thousand of people.